Inspections & Mapping

UAImaging Drones for your industry: Fast. Accurate. Safe.

From construction to earth science to energy, aerial imaging is proving to be an essential tool for industries to safely increase efficiency. At UAI, our trained pilots, state-of-the-art drones, and cutting edge software will save you time, increase job safety, and provide you with robust and accurate data.


Drone-acquired data has the power to streamline even the most complex building sites. Project managers and virtual design coordinators can save valuable time and eliminate risks by using UAI for:

  • BIM model comparison
  • Play overlays
  • Jobsite safety inspections
  • Stockpile measurements
  • Shareable maps for project

Our high resolution drone cameras can provide safe, rapid inspections for building, utility and insurance. We eliminate the many hours required to walk or climb your site. UAI drones can identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, and elevated structures such as water and cell towers, reducing the need for you to send contractors into unsafe conditions. Our aerial data can also quickly and comprehensively assess property damage for homes, commercial real estate and agriculture, streamlining inspection claims for insurance inspectors.


This is a new age of advanced, precision agriculture. From small farms to large organizations, drones can lower costs and maximize crop yields, giving farmers and agronomists an efficient way to count plants, assess crop damage, detect parasites and fungi, and plan drainage and irrigation repair.

Increase Your Efficiency, Accuracy, and Safety with UAImaging drone services.

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