Unmanned Aerial Imaging, LLC

Exacting Drone Photography,  Inspections, Mapping and Data Collection

Commercial Drone Services for Construction, Real Estate, Property Tours, Businesses and Events

Precise photography and videography for real estate, events, promotional and personal applications.
Aerial Photography
Drone inspections save time and money while increasing safety.
Construction and Inspection
We provide accurate and cost-efficient Topo, Contour, Thermal mapping.
Surveying / Mapping

UAI Industrial Drone Services

Our unmanned Aerial Imaging services enable industries and businesses to improve efficiency, increase safety and obtain robust and accurate data. Contact us today to discuss how our experienced pilots and aerial fleet can help your project.

Certified Pilots

Why work with us?

Our experienced pilots are FAA Part 107 Certified and carry $1 million personal and property insurance per flight.

Drone Photography and Close Proximity Aerial Filming

Our high-resolution drone cameras are ideal for:

• Real Estate Photography
• Property Tours
• Commercials
• Personal and Public Events

Construction and Inspection

UAI aircraft can quickly and comprehensively inspect complex building sites, homes, and utilities. Project managers save valuable time and eliminate risks by using UAI for:

• Tracking progress
• BIM model comparison
• Plan overlays
• Jobsite safety inspections
• Stockpile measurements
• Shareable project maps

Surveying and Mapping

Airborne surveys offer improved data density, faster data acquisition, and reduced risk. Drones can fly at lower heights than helicopters, resulting in improved data resolution, and in circumstances that wouldn't allow manned planes or helicopters. Unmanned aerial mapping is up to 4X more cost effective than traditional manned aircraft, and up to 10X faster than surfaced-based surveying. We offer Topo, Contour and Thermal Mapping, and will work with in tandem with a licensed surveyor for accurate PPK surveys.